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Doing business means dealing with paperwork. It’s unavoidable. And "paperwork" isn’t restricted to just paper anymore. Still, it all needs to be sorted, filed, managed, stored and more. At Kovatec, we can custom design ways for you to handle all your paperwork in a fast, reliable and secure manner. When your paperwork is properly managed, you’ve got a lot more time to focus on the business of doing business.

No matter how demanding your needs may be, Kovatec can handle them. We can develop, implement, operate and manage the document management system your company needs, no matter how big or how intricate.

. Kovatec offers such processes as Optical Character Recognition (OCR), Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR) and Backfile Conversion techniques, allowing us to handle millions of documents in any format. We can accommodate a vast range of color or monochrome documents, including large-scale engineering drawings, schematics and maps, even if they’re old and frail.

. Kovatec can set up your filing and management system right within your own business, or you can use our facilities to host it. We can process millions of documents per month, scan to PDF format, use OCR, and hyperlink 100,000 pages each month. And whether you store your information on-site or off, Kovatec understands the importance and confidentiality of your documents. Protecting your valuable data is our main concern.

. Our skilled staff can design and implement a workflow system that fits in with your procedures. We will train and support your staff to ensure that your system performs and delivers results.

. Did someone say your system is outdated? Kovatec’s specialists will analyze and re-configure your network for maximum performance and efficiency. We can also recommend the best and most appropriate hardware and software products to fit your company’s needs.


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