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Whatever your document imaging needs might be, Kovatec Inc. ’s state-of-the-art Service Bureau has the equipment and expertise to get the job done. Neither volume nor unique handling requirements pose challenges beyond our scope.

Kovatec’s Service Bureau can scan a vast array of document formats, up to 48 inches wide, in black and white, grayscale or in color. We even have the large-format scanners needed to accommodate maps, engineering drawings or schematics with resolutions up to 800 dots per inch (DPI).

. Using Cardiff, our Service Bureau can design forms, scan and recognize barcodes, mark sensing and handwriting to produce electronic documents that work for you.

. At Kovatec, we treat all original documents with the respect they deserve. Before scanning, we’ll remove all staples and unbind the documents. Once scanned, we return them to their original condition, restapled and rebound. Kovatec has the experience to handle documents that might need some special handling. If the documents are old or frail, we’ll give them the attention needed during scanning to capture the original detail while ensuring the original material is preserved. Kovatec also has the option of using a book cradle to avoid unbinding documents.

. One of Kovatec’s most popular services is backfile conversion. We can take preformatted, or old format documents, such as those originated in a DOS format, and convert them into today’s word processing formats, such as Microsoft Word or WordPerfect for Windows. And we will ensure through our quality control that the original format of your documents is maintained.

. Kovatec can scan your documents into TIFF, Portable Document Format (PDF) and many more formats. Kovatec can also add special features such as text and image hyperlinks, bookmarks, a table of contents, graphics and full text indexing for enhanced viewing.

. Our Service Bureau, in addition to handling large volumes of documents, can scan them and perform Optical Character Recognition (OCR) for full text indexing, text re-use and formatting to retail the document’s original format, giving you a powerful information source for today’s knowledge-based economy.

. As an Application Service Provider, Kovatec maintains three full T1 trunks to the Internet and powerful Internet Web servers that allow access to your documents for thousands of users, while protecting them according to your security needs.


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