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Corporate data management isn't what it used to be. E-commerce, e-business, e-everything have made filing cabinets, and paper in many circumctances, virtually obsolete. When it comes to document management, ASP is quickly becoming the buzz term in the high tech industry as companies look to Application Service Providers to store and provide access to vital corporate information.

An Application Service Provider ("ASP") is a company that offers access to applications (such as software) and related services via the Internet that would otherwise be located on a company's own computers.

Sometimes referred to as "apps-on-tap," ASP services are expected to become an important alternative, not only for smaller companies and individuals with small technology budgets, but also for larger companies as a form of outsourcing.

If you are running a small to medium size business, a multinational conglomerate, or any size business in between, you are keenly aware of limitations: Sometimes those limitations are related to time. Sometimes to money. But most often, both.

Faced with such limitations, business owners and managers are beginning to ask themselves this question: "With the advent of the Internet, is there a more effective way to spend my time managing a business rather than a computer system?" These same decision makers are also wondering what the competition is doing to address this fundamental issue. More and more frequently, the answer is to be found in what ASPs offer.

Kovatec can help you run your business better. Our resources can match you with the right ASP, thus enabling you to focus on your business rather than on your technology. Through Kovatec, you may find that an ASP can help you do things cheaper, faster, and more reliably than doing them yourself. Remember, managing technology is an ASP's business. In today's rapidly changing and competitive environment, it makes sense to explore how having an ASP do what it does best can enable you to better focus on what you do best, yet save investment costs on hardware and software. Kovatec has all the neccessary equipments to handle all your needs of day-to-day operations and maintainances. All you need is a PC and standard Internet browser software.

Why go through all the trouble of purchasing data management software, installing it on your in-house server and face the ongoing task of maintaining and upgrading your system? Many small to mid-sized companies just don’t have the IT departments capable of running such complicated document management systems, whether it’s because of lack of experience or lack of people.

An Application Service Provider can run your software for you. ASPs host the software on their servers, they maintain the system and they upgrade the software when needed.

IIn numerous business situations, an ASP is simply more cost effective and easier to use.

Kovatec can cover all of your company’s ASP requirements, and we can offer even more through our ASPplus service.

. Kovatec supplies companies with software hosting on a secure network, allowing only authorized, yet unlimited access to staff and clients through a Virtual Private Network.

. Companies don’t have any hardware or software investment costs, because Kovatec keeps all equipment on our premises. That also means Kovatec looks after all operation and maintenance of the system.

. All you and your users need is a PC and standard Internet browser software.

ASP plus means added value

. Kovatec does more than just host your documents securely, allowing easy access when needed on a 24/7 basis. Through our ASPplus service, we will collect all your documents, properly prepare them for scanning, then scan the material no matter what the original format might be, from paper to electronic data, graphics, photos, diagrams and surveys. Then we index them.

. Using our backfile conversion system, Kovatec’s Service Bureau can convert large volumes of material. We can take preformatted or old format documents, such as those created in DOS, and convert them into today’s word processing formats.

. Kovatec uses Optical Character Recognition and Intelligent Character Recognition scanning to recognize barcodes, mark sensing and even handwriting, fully-indexed and formatted to detail the document’s original appearance.

. We can handle all your document workflow, management and storage requirements on our powerful servers. Kovatec also has a complete back-up and disaster recovery plan to protect your data.

Kovatec offers all of these ASP plus services so your company spends less time sorting and filing valuable information, and more time using that information to do business.


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