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At Kovatec Inc. , we work closely with our clients to identify and fully examine their needs. Then we design, implement and monitor tailor-made systems that can manage a vast range of document management requirements.

Since 1993, Kovatec has grown rapidly to become one of the key providers of customized document management solutions to some of Canada’s leading corporations. The need for timely and effective document management has mirrored the explosive growth of these industry leaders.

Kovatec provides professional expertise in knowledge-based technology development, implementation and evaluation. Our Service Bureau provides clients with a comprehensive array of document conversion services. This constantly growing department can accommodate any volume of production. We promise to always be highly effective and efficient in guaranteeing the quantity – and quality – of products and services our clients expect and deserve.

As a hosting facility, Kovatec has the software tools, and the server facilities to expertly host and share our clients’ vital documents.

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